Vodafone fast tracks launch of 4G service in Ghana

15 March 2019


Vodafone Ghana is set for an early launch of commercial services for its 4G network across major cities in the country. This will take place on March 19 2019.

The company rescinded its earlier decision to roll out the service in April due to an advanced investment and commitment to get its customers on a 4G before the second quarter of the year.

The Chief Executive Officer, Yolanda Cuba, revealed that the technical team of the company have been able to fast track the process for an early roll-out due to its commitment to deliver excellent service for Ghanaians.

“This will mean an improved network quality for customers and all our services,” Cuba said, adding that Vodafone has invested in about 200 cell sites to deliver the service.

Also, the Chief Executive disclosed that the company is investing about $100 million to upgrade existing sites and new ones it intends to establish.

Vodafone Ghana reached an agreement with the National Communications Authority (NCA), at the end of 2018, for the purchase of a 4G spectrum to roll out an improved service across the country.

The company was awarded a licence at the cost of $30 million following the successful financial negotiations with the NCA, in line with the Authority’s published programme for the bid process.

This makes Vodafone the second to acquire the service since it was introduced by the NCA after MTN.

Source: Ventures