In brief

15 March 2019


Telkom has received a new number range for its mobile service. Telkom has sent a mail to its business partners detailing the new number range, which forms part of the “067” group. The new sub-range of the 067 segment is 800 0000 to 999 9999. This is 2,000,000 numbers.


Orange Guinea, the country’s largest mobile network operator (MNO) by subscribers, has been awarded a 4G licence by the Regulatory Authority for Post and Telecommunications (ARPT). The ARPT this week also granted Orange Guinea an extension of ten years on its current 2G and 3G licences, while the new LTE licence will also be valid for the same duration. The award of a 4G licence to Orange makes it the first cellco in Guinea to have the capability of launching LTE services.