These Podcasters are Using Their Platforms to Champion the Voices of the Underrepresented

22 March 2019

Digital Content

We speak with three teams from the Google Podcasts creator program about reaching diverse audiences and breaking through the barriers to entry in the podcasting world.

As podcasts become the go-to medium for storytelling, it's important that the voices of marginalized folks not be left out. This starts with creating space and resources for underrepresented voices to thrive.

Noticing a gap in the voices and faces behind podcast creation, Google in collaboration with podcast company PRX launched the Google Podcasts creator program, "designed to lower barriers to entry and elevate underrepresented voices across podcasting."

The inaugural teams include storytellers from a range of backgrounds including Africa and the diaspora. Podcasts include the Nairobi-based podcast AfroQueer, a narrative-driven segment highlighting the lived experiences of queer people across the continent; The Colored Girl Beautiful which explores past and present conceptions of beauty amongst black women, using Emma Azalia Hackley's 1916 book by the same name as a framework and the humorous Who Taught You to Drive?!, an interview series that examines drivers and their individual road habits as a means of understanding aspects of the human experience.

We got a chance to speak with some of the creators who participated in the Google Podcasts creator program, about the barriers to entry in the podcast world for marginalized communities, their belief in the effectiveness of the medium, and the impact they hope to make with their storytelling.

The Colored Girl Beautiful
Hosted and created by Aseloka Smith, produced by Nichole Hill

Hosted and executive produced by Selly Thiam, reported and produced by Aida Holly-Nambi and Maeve Frances

Who Taught You To Drive? 
Hosted and created by Tezarah Wilkins, produced by Melissa Tsuei and Tanikka Charraé

Read on to see what they had to say here:

Applications for the Google Podcasts creator program are open until April 14.

Source: Okyafrica