Ghana's AfricaOnline to broaden its core service

29 March 2019


Ghanaian ISP AfricaOnline, a Gondwana International Networks (GIN) subsidiary, has appointed Foster Plender as its Managing Director.

In a statement the company said Plender, who was in a consulting capacity within GIN before his appointment, brings with him decades of telecommunications experience across both African and European markets.

Plender said, "I am excited to lead AfricaOnline as it continues to grow and develop as one of Africa's foremost internet and related connectivity services providers. Having celebrated 21 years in its pivotal role, AfricaOnline has established itself as a leading Ghanaian business and I look forward to growing and evolving its service offering."

According to Plender Ghana is showing signs of significant growth and is building itself into a key business hub for West Africa:

"We are seeing an uptake in global investment, infrastructure development and an increase in internet penetration. There is a definite uptake within vertical sectors as well as growth of last mile fibre and wireless technology, 4G mobile, and high throughput satellite deployments." states that as of December 2017 Ghana was home to 10,110,000 internet users, representing 34.3% internet penetration.

Source: ITWeb