FNB’s banking app is now also a virtual eBucks shopping mall

11 April 2019

Money Transfer

FNB on Monday announced a new feature on its banking app that allows its customers to shop within its app.

In addition to banking, the FNB app now also features the eBucks Shop, a section of the app that lists “exclusive pricing for products ranging from tech and gaming to appliances and outdoor”, the company noted in a press release.

Previously, the eBucks shopping portal was only available online but via the FNB banking app users can pay using FNB Pay and track their orders like a traditional ecommerce outfit.

FNB notes that it’s the first bank in South Africa to offer this service within its banking app, and it promises “more meaningful and integrated innovations under the Bucks tab on the FNB app to meet a range of lifestyle needs including travel”.

To access the eBucks Shop, users logged into their FNB banking app can select the Shop icon beneath eBucks Rewards.

The feature is also available for RMB Private Banking clients.

Source: Memburn