Jamii Telecom secures 4G licence in Kenya

18 April 2019


Jamii Telecom put a request through the Communications Authority of Kenya to pay the 4G spectrum fee of KES 2.5 billion in instalments. The proposal was forwarded to Parliament for further analysis.

After a few analyses, the Parliament approved the idea and officially made into law. However, one key outcome was that companies with major stake is controlled by Kenyans can pay license fees via instalments over a 10-year period.

The law will allow Jamii Telecom to boost its 4G signals to their customers if they can service their license fees over that period. JTL paid KES 250 million upfront. The payments will also include an annual fee of KES 11 million for what is called ‘frequency fee.’ In total, JTL will be parting with about KES 300 million per year for the license.

Source: All Africa