closes Agreement for Digitization and TraceAbility of Ghana and West Africa Commodities and an update on Urban Transportation Agreement in West Africa.

18 April 2019

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Ingeni’s CEO Ian McNeill announced today the closing of a material agreement for Digitization and TraceAbility of Ghana Commodities.

In addition, ingeni is working on a digitization for revenue and data mobilization strategy for multiple African countries for Urban Transportation that is dominated by private transit operators.

Building solutions for Financial Institutions, Enterprise, Government and their customers and stakeholders ingeni is focused on projects that will have impact in our Vision of providing Emerging and Global Markets with solutions in building Trust in Commerce and sustainable digital revenues that support financial inclusion.

Delivering solutions in North America and Europe to leading Financial Institutions, including Desjardins, Credit Mutuel, IFC/World Bank and others we have gained extensive intelligence and understanding into building sustainable revenues with material environmental, social and governance being mandated globally through Commerce.   These new projects and expansion are complementary to our recently announced Cocoa Digitization and TraceAbility Agreement with Federated Commodities Company, a leading Licensed Cocoa Buyer (LBC) serving Ghana for several decades and our Dairy Industry Project in Central Asia with IFC/World Bank.

Mr. McNeill further noted expanded interest for Ingeni solutions in multiple emerging market countries for building Sustainable GDP with ingeni.

The Ghana Commodities Exchange (GCX) and Ingeni integration agreement.

Ingeni has joined with the Ghana Commodities Exchange (GCX) a Government owned Agency charged with a key goal to link Ghanaian smallholder farmers to agricultural and financial markets in Ghana and across West Africa Region and to ensure Ghana farmers secure competitive prices for their commodities as well as supply good quality commodities which meet the nutritional needs of Ghanaians.

GCX since mid 2018 has been working with 20 Aggregators who operate community warehouses and is currently expanding to 50 Aggregators representing 20,000 and growing to 50,000 farmers.   The exchange provides aggregators that purchase commodities from farmers with access to markets and fair pricing for the farmers. The Aggregators work with minimums of 1 Metric ton on the platform. GCX is mandated to grow its base to incorporate a significant number of the 1,500 Aggregators in Ghana.

The agreement provides for the ingeni Commerce Platform to integrate with GCX in a business relationship supporting many of the Ingeni solutions including TraceAbility, ePayments, access to Finance in building support and trust in commerce in line with the above noted mandates.

Digitization for Revenue and Data Mobilization Strategy for Transportation

Urbanization has created issues in how people necessarily travel in municipalities and Governments are focused on improving mobility. Issues include lack of data, compliance and revenue to meet the mandate of achieving a world standard mobility for the people in emerging countries. Ingeni’s high impact registration, digitization, epayments of toll collection and other solutions provide opportunities for 10,000’s of buses and access to financeable revenues in support of projects.   ingeni’s comprehensive data management solution and experience in delivering the Laval Transit system with Desjardins and recent toll pilot project has created a large opportunity for ingeni’s Smart City vision for building sustainable revenue for our clients and their customers.

Source: Press Release