The best mobile networks in South Africa – according to South Africans

3 May 2019


BrandsEye has published its South African Telecommunications Sentiment Index for 2019, gauging how the South African public at large feel about the country’s biggest mobile networks.

The index is based on an analysis of over 538,000 social media posts made between December 2018 and March 2019, which are assigned sentiment scores based on their content.

Sentiment scores are either positive, negative or neutral, and measure overall satisfaction and opinion towards a brand.

BrandsEye also looked at 78 telecommunications topics that were identified in the posts, to determine key areas of interest to consumers.

Each network provider is given a ‘net sentiment’ score, which is the value left after subtracting the total negative score from the positive score.

If South Africans are more positive towards a brand than negative, the net score will be positive. See the charts and read the full article on Business Tech here.