Lightning Speed: The New Currency of B2B Lead Generation for Tech

10 May 2019


How Digital Kungfu generated a top-of-funnel pipeline for Africa’s leading Cloud Distributor with an estimated value of $1 million in 3 weeks.

The much-anticipated release of Microsoft’s local data centres in South Africa was imminent. This meant enterprise-grade cloud capabilities and local data compliance for the first time in South Africa – the Cloud landscape was about to become hypercompetitive.

First Distribution recognised the opportunity to reinforce their position as Africa’s leading cloud distributor and sought a partner who understood the demands of a fast-paced technology sector to ensure that they were foremost in capitalising on this opportunity to mobilise their reseller channel network.

They chose a Lightning Strike from Digital Kungfu, a purpose-built storytelling production outfit and lead generation company recently voted as the Best Tech Startup in Africa.

Within 48 hours of launch, the campaign reached 43 132 enterprise and SME ICT professionals and generated 202 top-of-funnel leads with a pipeline value of R10.1 million. After 21 days, Digital Kungfu had generated a further 144 market qualified leads bringing the pipeline value to R17.3 million.

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At the outset there were two primary challenges: The first was that Microsoft was unable to disclose the release date of the data centres and First Distribution would only learn about the release via a Microsoft announcement in the media. This meant that speed to market would be critical as once Microsoft made the announcement, market competition would intensify exponentially.

The second challenge was how best to effectively communicate the value of the local Microsoft Azure Cloud to a network of 16 000 resellers while differentiating First Distribution amongst competing cloud distributors.

The Lightning Strike

Digital Kungfu was notified of the release of the data centres on the 6th of March 2019 at 10:30 and, within 90 minutes, the First Distribution Lightning Strike was deployed, featuring an aggressive surge of curated storytelling content across five of the most prominent media sites for ICT professionals in the country. This helped First Distribution monopolise the attention of businesses and Cloud resellers across the country by being in the right place, at the right time and ultimately, with the right message.

The media strike was followed up by a digital PR and content marketing program which comprised over 200 creative executions, an Inside Microsoft Azure white paper and multiple conversion pages integrated with artificial intelligence-driven lead generation technology which combined to maximise market share and generate leads.

The Results

The success of the campaign is testament to the exponential value of adopting an innovative and markedly different go-to-market approach for the technology sector – one that embraces the power of story, the importance of speed and an agile approach to marketing (for the latest innovation in Sales and Marketing Download the whitepaper – ABM Fundamentals to find out how treating key accounts as markets in themselves is generating up to 200% more revenue than traditional marketing methods).

The initial 48 hour lightning strike saw a total of 43 132 ICT professionals reached which generated 202 leads with a pipeline value of R10.1 million – equating to a spend to pipeline return of 2 800 percent. In the 3 weeks that followed, this number increased by over 50 percent totalling 346 market qualified leads with a top-of-funnel pipeline value of R17.3 million.

The campaign also reinforced First Distribution’s key point of difference as Africa’s leading Cloud distributor in a highly competitive and clustered ICT and Cloud marketplace while maximising their market share.

“As Africa’s leading Cloud distributor, we found Digital Kungfu to be a fantastic partner”, said Natasha Bezuidenhout, Microsoft Executive at First Distribution. “Their ability to convey the value of what we do as a business using their unique storytelling approach was invaluable in helping our resellers understand the value of these innovative offerings from Microsoft and our specific role in the value chain,” she concludes.

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