South Africa’s biggest ever mobile network testing project launched

24 May 2019


MyBroadband has partnered with Afristay and Huawei to launch South Africa’s biggest mobile network testing project.

Mobile Internet access is a cornerstone of a modern economy, and good network quality is necessary to support many of the latest mobile applications.

To test the quality of South African mobile networks and find their strengths and shortcomings, MyBroadband has launched its 2019 mobile network testing project.

The project will provide a comprehensive look at cellular network quality in South Africa, and include two main components:

   Controlled drive tests by MyBroadband across South Africa, which will test network quality in major metropolitan areas, secondary cities, and main roads.

   Collecting mobile network test results from MyBroadband Speed Test App users across the country.

The project kicked off in Gauteng in mid-May, and will include tests in all nine provinces and all major cities over the coming weeks.

Source: MyBroadband