Ghanaian govt urges NCA to curb fake phones

24 May 2019


The Ghanaian government has directed the National Communications Authority (NCA) to liaise with mobile network operators and other relevant state agencies to determine the level of risk posed by the influx of counterfeit mobile devices on the market.

George Andah, a deputy minister of communications, said the presence of those devices on the market posed a health and security risk to the people. He said the government would not hesitate to disconnect fake mobile phones from use, similarly to measures undertaken in Rwanda, Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania.

He lauded the NCA for acquiring the Tariff Approval Laboratory, which is capable of testing all electronic communication equipment to ensure they meet the requisite international standards. Andah said that out of the over 5 million handsets imported to Ghana annually, only 40 percent had their duties paid. He said the ministry was working with relevant state agencies to put in place a system where only devices with duty paid would be connected to mobile network operators.

Andah urged the public to refrain from using pre-registered SIM cards, operating SIM box equipment, damaging fibre cables, operating broadcasting station without authorisation, and indulging in mobile money fraud. He warned that those found culpable would be dealt with accordingly.

Source: All Africa