Boomplay to Invest $1m on Kenyan Artistes

31 May 2019

Digital Content

One of the world’s biggest streaming services, Boomplay Music, is set to invest $1m on Kenyan artistes who are signed under the platform. This announcement was heralded by Boomplay Kenya general manager, Martha Huro, during the platform’s music conference at the Villa Rosa Kempinski in Nairobi this week.

The conference was centralized at enhancing the state of music distribution in the Kenyan digital. The event was attended by music producers, distributors, artists, promoters and Boomplay executives. Boomplay’s CEO, Joe He, was also present.

“Boomplay will invest $1m”, Huro said. “We know that funds are the major obstacles preventing artistes from been heard. We cannot sit on the sidelines and do nothing. So we are willing to invest in A&R and production”.

“I think it’s a good amount to begin with. But artistes need to be registered on the platform first. We expect to see a change within a period of 12 months. Our brand strategy is to try and build an industry that we can all be proud of in the near future”.

Huro further explained that she was confident that the funding would help facilitate collaboration between Kenyan artistes and other African artistes across various regions. Furthermore, she hoped that it would prompt the consistency of music releases in Kenya.

“At Boomplay, we don’t discriminate. So whether you are already established or an upcoming artiste, you are eligible. As long as your ideas, vision, and focus has meaning, then we sponsor you”, she added.

However, Boomplay plans to hold a series of industry events, such as panel discussions, across Kenya.

“Artistes are an integral part of your business. And we are delighted in every opportunity we get, to promote and educate them. There is so much work to be done from our side. And we hope that by way of education through fora like these, we are able to get more Kenyans to play songs by more Kenyan artistes”, she concluded.

Source: Africhroyale