Sierra Leone Leads the Way in Africa With Electronic Disease Surveillance

7 June 2019


Sierra Leone has become the first country in Africa to fully transform its national disease surveillance system from paper-based to web-based electronic platform. As from today, electronic reporting of disease surveillance data is active in all public health facilities. The process, which was first piloted in just one district in 2016, was successfully rolled out to all the 14 districts and every government health facility countrywide.

"Transitioning disease surveillance data reporting from the traditional old style paper-based format to a computerized format using an advanced technology is ground-breaking for Sierra Leone and we are very proud of being a pivotal part of this great transformation and achievement - from its conception to planning and full implementation," says Mr Evans Liyosi, World Health Organization (WHO) Representative in Sierra Leone.

"This is a huge success story of partnership. Partners worked together to support the country to achieve this goal. Other countries in the region have a lot to learn from our collaboration and our experience".

The electronic reporting allows health facility staff to use hand-held tablets developed for the purposes of reporting health data.

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