Nigerian Police Prepare App to Fight Rise in Violent Crimes

7 June 2019

Digital Content

The Nigerian police are preparing to launch a mobile app which it says would help in its fight against the rising crime wave in the country.

At least 35 people were killed nationwide last week, as Nigerians continue to grabble with insecurity, alongside the insurgency in the North-east.

The app, called police-VGS, is in its test-running stage, the police said on Saturday via Twitter.

The police said in a promotional video that the app would help citizens do quick reporting of crimes like kidnapping, robbery, cultism, rape and domestic violence to the police.

The app would be helpful even where there is communal unrest, the police said in the video.

"Within five seconds of reporting, the appropriate government security or emergency agency would be alerted and help would be deployed immediately," the video claims.

All that a citizen would do is to "swipe" the police-VGS app on his mobile phone when a crime, fire, medical emergency or natural disaster occurs, and then "policemen would be alerted immediately and help would be sent your way promptly".

Source: Premium Times