7 June 2019


Supa Mandiwanzira Trial Moved To Next Month

Supa Mandiwanzira is not yet off the hook. Since he got off the ICT Ministry’s helm last year, the former ICT Minister has been in court several times.

Barely 6 months after leaving the office, Supa was charged with two crimes in November last year. The first charge, which he has since been acquitted for, was for breaching procurement regulations through awarding a $280 million contract to a a South Africa company. The second charge, which he is still facing and about to stand a trial for, is for violating corporate governance principles by appointing his personal assistant to the POTRAZ board. It is this charge that he will be trialed for next month on July 16.


African ICT Foundation appoints the 'Ambassador of Smart Tunisia' as its North Africa’s Regional Director.

The African ICT Foundation has announced the appointment of Lobna Smida as the Regional Director for North Africa and she is to direct the activities of the Foundation in the region. Lobna who is currently working as an Administration Advisor at the Presidential Palace of Tunisia is expected to guide the overall direction of the region also develop a regional strategic plan every two years, using input from the regional officers and/or committee members.