Mozambique regulator warns cellcos over SIM registration

5 July 2019


Mozambique’s Communications Regulatory Authority (Autoridade Reguladora das Comunicacoes, ARECOM, also known as INCM) has given the country’s three cellcos ten days to ensure that they are fully compliant with SIM registration guidelines. SIM registration has been compulsory in Mozambique since 2015, but authorities are now concerned that operators are not adhering to the regulations.

According to a report, the regulator’s spokesperson Edmundo Manhica told television station STV: ‘Recently ARECOM has been receiving denunciations of the existence of unregistered SIM cards, or cards with irregular registration.’ He added that unregistered SIM cards can assist SIM box fraud, where international calls are routed via a VoIP gateway to disguise them as local traffic to avoid higher international call charges.

Source: All Africa