How much it really costs to use WhatsApp in South Africa

5 July 2019


WhatsApp is the first app installed and opened on many new smartphones in South Africa, as it has quickly become the primary means of communication in the country.

Like all other data-based messaging applications, WhatsApp offers a cheaper and more feature-rich way to send messages to other people or even call them over a data connection.

Despite the price of mobile data in South Africa remaining relatively high due to a lack of available spectrum for mobile operators to reduce network costs, WhatsApp still offers a much cheaper way to communicate than the conventional channels used by mobile operators.

Out-of-bundle usage has historically been a major concern for WhatsApp users, but the introduction of new regulations which prevents out-of-bundle billing by default on all mobile networks has removed this threat to customers’ treasured airtime.

By any metric – even when using out-of-bundle data – calling, texting, and other activities are cheaper through WhatsApp than South African networks, as shown below. Read the full article on MyBroadband here. whatsapp-in-south-africa.html