Sudan: New Restrictions On Sudan Internet

5 July 2019


The Sudanese authorities have imposed new restrictions on the telecommunications sector and the internet, blocking the loading and uploading of multimedia (images and videos) from most active Internet lines, stopping the international roaming of some telecommunications companies, the deliberate delay of landlines, and the cutting of the Kanar 4G service.

In a statement on Wednesday, members of the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) working in the technology and communications sector denounced "this deliberate suppression of freedoms", and called for a constitutional provision that exempts government intervention in telecommunications services and information technology in times of political crisis".

Activists have criticised the failure of Mustafa Abdelhafiz, Director of the Postal and Communications Corporation, who had promised to restore internet service this week.

Sudan News Agency (SUNA) said that "the relevant authorities have been directed to activate the national network of the internet so that all service providers within Sudan can continue their services and the return of applications".

On June 10, the Transitional Military Council ordered the shut-down of the internet in the country for an indefinite period of time, claiming it forms a threat to national security.

Source: Radio Dabanga