The biggest mobile data contracts in South Africa – MTN vs Vodacom vs Cell C vs Telkom

12 July 2019


Data prices are one of the biggest problems that smartphone users are faced with in South Africa.

According to mobile networks, high data prices can be attributed primarily to a lack of spectrum available to allocate to its users.

As a result, smartphone users prefer to use their mobile data only when necessary, instead choosing to use a Wi-Fi connection whenever it is available.

Big data contracts

However, South Africa’s mobile networks do offer contracts that cater to customers who consume high amounts of mobile data.

These packages are expensive, but to those who can afford them, they provide the ability to conduct data-intensive tasks without being tethered to a hotspot.

Valuable uses for these packages include video streaming and updating software while away from Wi-Fi.

MyBroadband previously looked into the best LTE deals across various product types, including fixed LTE, once-off data bundles, and SIM-only data deals.

We have now investigated the biggest data packages you can get when purchasing a premium smartphone on contract.

Note that uncapped data packages, as well as unlimited call and SMS options, are often governed by fair-usage policies which differ for each mobile network.

We used the following data to compare these deals:

   MTN: Yellow Trader – July 2019

   Vodacom: Vodacom phones and other devices

   Cell C: Cell C manual search feature

   Telkom: Telkom – Shop by devices

These prices of these big data contracts can be viewed in the original article here.
Source: MyBroadband