TEOLIS rolls out network to 80% of Grand Lome

19 July 2019


TEOLIS, a new broadband access provider in Togo that entered its ‘operational phase’ in January 2018 some six months after receiving its licence from the Ministry of Posts and Digital Economy, has confirmed that its FTTH/B network now covers 80% of capital city Lome and its environs (Grand Lome).

The start-up, a wholly Togolese-owned venture, offers high speed internet access to homes and businesses via FTTH/B in three areas around Lome: the first area ranges from Wuiti to Ablogame; the second goes from Ablogame to Zopomahe; and the final zone covers an area from Adidolokpo to Bernard Cope.

TEOLIS also offers broadband access via a TD-LTE network in the capital and 17 prefectures. It plans to fully cover Grand Lome before venturing further into the country, but its chairman, Michel Bagnah, told Togo First: ‘We have installed a PoP in the region of Zanguera, and Agoe to cover all these parts of Lome. We are doing the same in Baguida and once this is done, all of Grand Lome will be covered. What is left and most important is the interior of the country.’

Source: Telegeography