South Africa: Alexandra was supposed to get very cheap – and super fast – fibre more than a year ago. Here’s why Mitchells Plain will probably get there first

19 July 2019


Alexandra internet

Alexandra, the services-poor township neighbouring the super-rich Sandton, was supposed to get a digital leg up a year and a half ago: very cheap, super fast fibre internet connections.

There is still not fibre in Alex, though, thanks to a regulatory fight between an obscure service provider and the City of Johannesburg.It now looks like Mitchells Plain in Cape Town will be the first relatively poor area to get the kind of internet connections currently reserved for the relatively rich.

In September 2017 fibre-to-the-home company Vumatel announced the start of a digital revolution. Within months, Vumatel said, it would start a pilot project to roll out fibre connections to the Alexandra township in Johannesburg – including to the informal dwellings that are common in Alex. Read the full article on Business Indiser here.