ICASA lifts moratorium on community broadcasting services

2 August 2019


The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa announced that it will lift the moratorium on applications for class community sound broadcasting service licences and applications for radio frequency spectrum for community broadcasting. ICASA said this is in line with the new Community Broadcasting Services Regulations.

The regulations state that ICASA must publish an invitation to apply by submitting a pre-registration notice; decide on the pre-registration notice within 90 days from the closing date for submission; and if it is satisfied that the applicant meets the requirements for a licence, it will inform the applicant in writing. The applicant may then apply for the community broadcasting service licence within 30 days.

ICASA will publish an invitation for prospective applicants to submit a pre-registration notice and list of available frequencies in each district and local municipality as per the Terrestrial Broadcasting Frequency Plan 2013, within three months of the publication of the notice.

Source: All Africa