Nigeria: Top Broadcasting Executive Says Social Media Can Make Broadcasters Lazy

2 August 2019

Digital Content

One of Nigeria’s key broadcasting executives, Yemi Sonde says that some of the country’s broadcasters have become lazy because of the presence of social media and are no longer making efforts to develop their creative abilities.

He stated this recently in Ibadan, at the 6th edition of the NBC/Yemi Sonde Broadcast Media Stakeholders’ Forum that he co-convenes with the Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation.

The broadcaster stressed the need for continuous research to ensure high-quality content and efficient delivery of materials to the audience in order to achieve the desired effect.

Sonde said that any seven-year-old child that handles a phone could post anything on social media and lazy producers don’t even make the effort to find out the authenticity of the information they find on social media before putting it on air.

He said this was why this the theme of this year’s forum was “Social Media Evolution and Conventional Broadcasting: The Nigeria Perspective.”

Sonde added that the partnership between his forum and the NBC had made a massive impact on the consciousness of practitioners and simultaneously increased the hunger for more knowledge to widen their horizons further.

According to him, broadcasting is like a lever which is driving the modern world and the media is the central point that connects and influences society.

Source: Punch