OPPO Nigeria unveils new devices with ‘Waterdrop Screen’

9 August 2019


In a saturated and competitive space such as the Nigerian mobile market with product offerings that comprise several expensive flagship phones, mid-range mobile devices, as well as budgetary smartphones, establishing a new brand at this time can be a rough ride.

For OPPO, however, the vision is to offer products that “solve a need in the customer’s life” and ensure that “Nigerians have technology in the palm of their hands that they can appreciate and are willing to pay the price for,” Marketing Manager of OPPO Mobile Nigeria, Nengi Akinola said at the launch of two new devices – OPPO A5s and A1k – in Lagos yesterday.

The latest mid-range smartphone, OPPO A5s, boasts a stylish design and long-lasting battery life. It features dual rear cameras, a fingerprint scanner as well as a robust 4230mAh battery that supports up to 13.5 hours of video playback. The device also leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm optimization to reduce power consumption and delivers exceptional long-lasting battery life.

OPPO A5s offers new features such as Smart Bar, Smart Scan, Music on Display, Video Editing, and more. In particular, Smart Scan is a standout function. The feature scans business cards, easily transforming them into an electronic version. It also supports scan and image translation, providing invaluable assistance when traveling abroad. Moreover, Smart Scan can convert images into editable text, allowing users to seamlessly work between formats. Read the full article on Ventures here.