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UDcast, a provider of solutions that enable the delivery of IP television to mobile devices, and Newtec, a leading manufacturer of satellite communication equipment and systems, last week announced a commercial partnership to provide the mobile TV market ecosystem with a comprehensive solution for the primary distribution of DVB-H signals via satellite for commercial deployments in Q3 2007.

UDcast and Newtec offer an end-to-end solution for mobile TV from the central play-out to the remote terrestrial transmission towers. UDcast will provide the equipment and software necessary to encapsulate, multiplex, adapt, and filter the DVB-H signals. Newtec’s contribution is focused on highly efficient DVB-S2 satellite equipment, integration of all remote functionality in a single unit, and optional satellite equipment for the network management solution.

The joint system offers a unique and efficient way of sending national, regional, and local channels and advertising to different markets. The solution is based on combining all the content in one single satellite carrier. At the remote site, only the relevant channels for each market are sent to the mobile users, while synchronization in Single Frequency Networks (SFN) is maintained.

“Newtec and UDcast believe strongly in the mobile TV market and, especially in the DVB-H technology. We are also convinced that satellite represents the most efficient way to distribute DVB-H signals in national mobile TV networks,” said Serge Van Herck, CEO of Newtec. “We are very pleased to collaborate with Newtec,” replied

Didier Tymen, senior vice president and co-founder of UDcast. “As both Newtec and UDcast are leaders in their respective fields and offer complementary expertise, this partnership will create the optimal and comprehensive commercial solution for mobile operators, broadcasters, integrators, and satellite operators whowant to deliver mobile TV via DVB-H.”