South African app WhoYou verifies ID documents by scanning thumb prints

9 August 2019

Digital Content

A new app called WhoYou, which allows users to scan thumb prints and identify South African citizens’ IDs, made its debut on Tuesday.

Developed by South African biometrics company Fides Cloud Technologies, the app “will compare the photographed thumb prints against the National Population Register (NPR), maintained by the Department of Home Affairs, and return a confirmation of the person’s ID details as well as their photo,” the company said in a press release.

The technology is open to both businesses and individual users on Android or Windows for fingerprint scanners. And iOS version is currently in development.

“The WhoYou Windows app works on desktop or laptop computers. WhoYou also supports all major fingerprint scanner manufacturers,” the company said further.

The app itself is targeted at the retail, financial, healthcare and telecommunications sectors.

“With mobile phone upgrades or airtime top-ups, telcos can embed WhoYou into their apps to verify customers,” explains the company on its website.

Fides also noted that WhoYou is compliant with South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI), and that consent, as well as terms and conditions, must be given before someone is identified.

“More and more, you as a business or an individual need to know who you’re dealing with amid the country’s high levels of identity fraud,” said Craig Hills, WhoYou’s business development director.

According to WhoYou’s website, individual users will face a “per transaction fee” while a “volume-based fee or licence model” will be aimed at businesses. Users who wish to employ the app will also be required to sign up.

Source: Memeburn