Lazarus group behind recent cyberattack on South Africa - Kaspersky

16 August 2019


A recent cyberattack in which South Africa was apparently among 17 countries targeted by North Korean hackers, relates to the activity of the so-called Lazarus group, according to Dr Amin Hasbini, head of Kaspersky's global research and analysis team for the Middle East, Turkey and Africa.

Time reported on Tuesday that UN experts are investigating these cyberattacks.

According to Hasbini, this Lazarus group has been a major "threat actor" in the advanced product technology arena for several years. Kaspersky experts are tracking it closely.

Hasbini said in a statement that "alongside goals like cyber-espionage and cyber sabotage, the attacker has been targeting banks and other financial companies around the globe".

Through their cybercriminal activities, the group have targeted a number of countries across Africa, according to Hasbini.

"Till now, there is no data about money being stolen from a South African bank through these swift attacks," he said on Wednesday.

"This could be an indicator that no money was stolen or that, if an attack did in fact result in any loss of funds, the details have not been disclosed." Read the full report on Fin24 here.