Nigerian Teens Use Smartphones To Make Sci-Fi Films

23 August 2019

Digital Content

A group of Nigerian teenagers have gone viral for making movies using a smartphone and a tripod that is made from a broken microphone stand.

19-year-old Godwin Josiah says that going viral was never the aim. The main objective was to show people that there are smart kids in Kaduna, Nigeria, who have ambitions to make something of themselves, according to the group.

Sci-fi films are produced using sophisticated software, but the teens use recycled items to create their movies.

In 2016, the group of 8 made their first movie “Redemption” using a similar process. The project was funded using a month worth of savings and the teens taught themselves about visual effects by watching tutorials on Youtube.

Struggling with slow internet and power cuts, they filmed a tale of two boys who conceptualise an organic bio-fuel.

The boys have created their own niche in Sci-fi, which is very different compared to the typical Nollywood themes of cannibalism, witchcraft, cannibalism and scorned girlfriends who put curses on their disloyal boyfriends.

Their short stories are no longer than 10 minutes and are a celebration of African heroes and aliens.

Their productions impressed Nollywood film producer Kemi Adetiba so much that she tweeted about them in June. The young filmmakers, known online as @thecritics001, have gone viral since then.

A funding campaign for the teens received donations of about $5,800 that have helped them upgrade their equipment.

Source: African Exponent