President Yahya Jammeh commissioned two antennae donated by the Global Voice to Gamtel at the Abuko Earth station. Speaking at the commissioning of the antennae at the Abuko Earth Station, the Gambian leader said the collaboration between Gamtel and Global Voice is excellent in that private initiative and collaboration with public enterprises are fundamental in turning around institutions like Gamtel to ensure efficient performance, generate revenue and also to meet service requirements .

Neneh Macdoul Gaye, Secretary of State for Communication and Information Technology said each antenna is a 4.5 metre scalable dish. She added that the antenna entail 20 megabits of internet which could be increased to 100 megabits. At 64 megabits after commissioning the antenna, The Gambia can now boast of having the highest per capita internet bandwidth in West Africa. "This is the second antenna donated to Gamtel. The first was a voice and data antenna which was installed last November. She disclosed that the antennae cost US$120,000 including the accessories and were wholly financed by Global Voice SA . "

The Daily Observer