The 25TB man – South Africa’s biggest bandwidth hog

6 September 2019


South Africa is in the midst of a fibre revolution,with consumers dumping DSL in preference of fast and affordable uncapped fibre-to-the-home.

The recent MyBroadband fibre survey revealed that 60% of tech-savvy consumers now have fibre connections. 84% of these fibre-to-the-home subscribers have uncapped accounts.

While there are many benefits of having a fast, uncapped broadband connection, one stands out – Netflix streaming.

Multiple Internet service providers told MyBroadband that Netflix streaming consumes by far the most bandwidth on their network.

Cybersmart CTO Laurie Fialkov said that their Netflix streaming peaks at 13Gbps, with YouTube a distant second.

Axxess director Franco Barbalich and Cool Ideas founder Paul Butschi echoed these views, with Netflix traffic dominating peak demand.

MyBroadband asked South Africa’s largest fibre ISPs how much data their top users consume, and the feedback was surprising.

Butschi told MyBroadband their top user, using a symmetrical 200Mbps fibre connection from Metrofibre, consumed 24.6TB of data per month.

The top user on Axxess’ network, Barbalich told MyBroadband, consumed 16.5TB using a 200Mbps fibre connection.

Cybersmart’s top users were more measured, with the top user ‘only’ consuming 2TB of data on a 500Mbps fibre-to-the-home service. Read the full article on see the table on MyBroadband here.