Telecommunications operator, Sentech, has announced three offerings on its MyWireless Internet platform: MyWireless Plus, MyWireless Lite & MyWireless Family. In support of the new product offerings, Sentech says that its entire network has been upgraded to offer improved download speeds of up to 1Mbps.

The flexi range increases the amount of free data allocation on each contract and thus reduces the effective price per megabyte. In the case of the flexi200plus (available from R199 per month), users will now receive 500MB of free data, which is 300MB more than the original 200MB available on the original flexi200 offering.

"Essentially, our flexi range is offering consumers more bang for their buck. Although the contract pricing remains the same, existing as well as new customers will now benefit from a significant increase in data allocation," comments Marcel Steyn, MyWireless product manager for Sentech SA.

Importantly, all existing flexi customers will from 1 March 2007 automatically be upgraded to the flexiPlus packages, while new users will be able to purchase a modem at a reduced price of R1500.

In the meantime,  iBurst will be launching Data Bonus, which applies to all 24-month contracts. Subscribers will receive an additional 200MB of data free on iGo Lite and iGo contracts, and an additional 500MB of data free on all G1, G3, G6 and G9 contracts.   Existing subscribers on 12-, 24- and 36-month contracts will also benefit from the additional data allocations, which translate into a 49% reduction in the per-megabyte price on iGo Lite, for example. iBurst now offers the cheapest in-bundle rate at 39 cents per MB on a 1GB package and 12c per MB on a 9GB package.

iBurst will also launch Data Carryover, which means that iBurst customers will be the first broadband subscribers able to carry over the unused portion of their monthly data allowances to the following month. “iBurst doesn’t believe in fine print and this is not a promotion of limited duration,” says Thami Mtshali, CEO of iBurst.

Subscribers will be able to carry over unused data up to a maximum of their monthly data allocation. Therefore, iBurst’s G3 customers (who receive 3GB of data every month) will be allowed to accumulate any unused bandwidth up to a maximum of 3GB. This is then carried over to the next month, giving an effective data allowance of 6GB in the new month.

Data Carry Over is available to all iBurst subscribers and is also applicable to unused top-up bandwidth which may have been purchased during a particular month. 

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