Internet News - In Brief


- The Postal Corporation of Kenya (PCK) last week signed a two-year contract, for the provision of Internet services by Safaricom. The contract is valued at Sh8.4 million, but payment could, however, vary upward as the billing is based on usage. The official signing comes six months after the Government intervened by appointing Safaricom to provide PCK with Internet connection last September.

- Nashua Mobile, the independent cellular service provider in the Reunert Group, has signalled its intention to become a major player in South Africa's broadband and Internet service provider market by launching its new Nashua Mobile Internet division.

- In South Africa, Internet experts are making renewed efforts to can the spam by launching a Spam Bounty Hunter Programme. The initiative by the Internet Society of SA will provide information on how to deal with junk e-mail, when to report it and how to manage a criminal investigation to receive a reward for a successful conviction of a spammer.