In a landmark partnership geared at massively reducing the price of personal computers, Microsoft Inc, Intel Corporation, and Zinox have formed an alliance geared at bringing the price of acquiring PCs below US$400.

The Zinox Power PC is a personal computer with full features. Intel Corporation's team of Engineers supervised the production, so the Power PC has Intel's seal of authority and guarantee. Running on Intel Mobile Processor 1.2 GHz, 256MB Ram, 40 HDD, 10/100 NIC, Fax Modem, CD Rom x 56, International keyboard and Mouse. Microsoft Win XP Starter Edition and 15" CRT Monitor or 15" TFT screen as optional. The Zinox Power PC runs on optimal power consumption and faster bus, and has anti-shock device. It comes standard with unparalleled 12 months comprehensive no-story-warranty by Intel and Zinox.

Presenting the Zinox PC to journalists at the Zinox Corporate Headquarters, the CEO of the Computerize Nigeria Project, CNP, Mrs. Vivian Abii, informed the gathering that it was possible to offer the Power PC at the dream price starting from N49,950.00 because Intel offered substantial discount on the processors while Microsoft discounted the software. She reported that the Power PC was the result of years of testing and research by Microsoft, Intel and Zinox. The research was not limited to international quality laboratories but also to the Nigerian local markets to determine how best to satisfy the ever rising expectations of the Nigerian consumer. Mrs. Abii further explained that the Power PC was built to withstand the rigors of use in schools, small offices, and homes.

Zinox Computers has launched two products within the first six weeks of 2007. In the third week of January, Zinox launched the Zinox Divine Laptop at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. The launch of both products reinforce the commitment recently displayed by Zinox Computers in the signing of an MOU with First Bank Plc that established a consumer credit scheme to the tune of N1billion for the purchase of computers. The scheme which has been welcomed by ICT professionals is the first of its kind in the country and making it possible for schools, offices and homes to be ICT compliant.

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