Angola Cables And TM Global Explore New Cable Route

20 September 2019


TM GLOBAL, the wholesale arm of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) has partnered with Angola Cables to explore another alternative using a new express route that would connect the Southern Hemisphere subsea cables from Asia directly to the South American region.

A Proof of Concept (POC) test is being carried out by both parties using two cable systems; the South Africa Far East cable system (SAFE) that connects Malaysia to Angola, and the South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) that connects Angola to Brazil. Both parties respectively own these cable systems.

According to a joint statement issued by both companies, most of today’s global internet traffic utilises infrastructure that is located mainly in the Northern Hemisphere to link Europe, Asia and North America. Meanwhile, the Southern Hemisphere, which includes parts of Africa, Asia and South America is primarily connected using links coming from the North as well.

However, the internet traffic to the Southern Region currently travels a longer route which could ultimately affect the internet experience of the end-users.

The partners said that based on the preliminary PoC results, there is a decrease in the latency reading when compared to the current Northern Hemisphere routes.

They claim that this could lead to a notable improvement in the world-wide internet traffic routing quality, especially on the data connectivity services to the Southern Hemisphere.

TM GLOBAL and Angola Cables believe that this new initiative will offer better options for service providers in growing their business and also expanding their reachability to new markets.

Source: ITWeb Africa