Phase3 commences network technology upgrade across enterprise segment

20 September 2019


ABUJA, 15 September 2019: West Africa’s largest independent fibre optic infrastructure and telecommunications services provider - Phase3 Telecom announces that in addition to previous network scalability measures, it has commenced a strategic network technology upgrade to enhance communications for seamless regional and multi-location connectivity in Nigeria.

The upgrade will involve evolved GPON technology (XGS-PON) with capability of providing wire speed connectivity for the end user. According to a company spokesperson:”It will deliver huge internet capacity available already at the Nigerian shore to users, especially those in low penetrated areas as well as bandwidth hungry end users”.

The technology upgrade start from the northern end of the network with its pilot phase being undertaken in the capital, Abuja. An announcement on its financing will be made “soon”.

This improved operational focus is targeted at expanding the scope of its on-going enterprise solutions drive for its increasing user portfolio of MSMEs, services sector and multinational companies, in contribution to the country's thriving broadband penetration drive.

According to chairman, Stanley Jegede “the chief goal of Phase3 technology upgrade is to ensure "robust network infrastructure, scalability, interconnect operational capacity, resilience, service optimization and coverage that will enhance communications and connectivity projects across multiple locations to support more start-ups, growing businesses and institutions to boost economic growth and increase the successes of the national broadband penetration plan.

Adding that Phase3 technology upgrades for an amplified service delivery driven network buttresses the firm's commitment to leveraging its aerial fibre network investments for ease and speed of communications and connectivity service deployment as well as boosting collective industry efforts toward greater penetration of such services in un-served and underserved locations.

In conclusion, he stated that beyond enhanced network data transmission distance and bandwidth capabilities for point-to-multi point access, chief components such as network security and speed are the driving force of Phase3 ongoing technology upgrade as well as further expansion plans with details to be communicated in due course.

Source: Press Release