Stay ALAT this December with Africa’s first fully digital bank

20 September 2019

Money Transfer

In recent years, research has shown that digital platforms remain a rising factor due to synergies of qualitative data, flexibility, and faster response to market changes. No banking app has provided these more effectively than ALAT by Wema, earning it several accolades including the ‘Best Digital Bank in Africa’ at the Asian Bankers Award and ‘Branchless Banking in the New Age’ Banking Awards last year.

Every December, the need to travel and celebrate with family and friends invariably leads to an increase in expenses, meaning every self-respecting Nigerian adult understands that even with well-made plans, it is beneficial to be alert to certain emergencies and demands. Better yet, how about just getting value for your savings?

As Nigeria’s First Fully-Digital Bank, ALAT by Wema is built on providing convenient, faster and easier solutions for users, thereby easing the stress of banking. It is a shift from the traditional banking system that has disrupted the landscape, providing users the opportunity to determine the level of relationship they would like to enjoy with their banks. With services guaranteed, families can confidently plan and implement decisions, especially with a very busy period coming in a few months.

ALAT enhances business efficiency and is one of the most effective platforms that has increased bank-customer interaction and delivers on customers’ needs more quickly. That is not all, it has one of the best saving plans in Nigeria, allows instant account opening and provides access to quick loans,

ALAT Loans are accessible to all customers through the bank’s Android and IOS apps. All customers can also access the ALAT Virtual Dollar Card, a non-physical dollar-denominated debit card, strategically designed for online payments. So, for requests inside and outside Nigeria this season, every account holder with the ALAT app is basically having fun.

In addition, the app has also managed to solve issues with savings – giving a 10 percent interest per annum, as against 3.6 or 4.2 percent that can be found in many banks. ALAT also offers scheduled payments and transfers without hassles (e.g. salaries, parents’ stipends) and bills. Such effective use of automation can speed up both external and internal processes, improve customer satisfaction and enhance security.

The holiday season can be exciting, and understandably rough too. But those who are prepared can relax and truly enjoy the celebration.

No matter the emergencies that might arise, you can avoid the worries and stay incredibly alert.

Source: YNaija