Cabo Verde to introduce 4G and pilot 5G

27 September 2019


The Republic of Cabo Verde will soon offer 4G services some 560 kilometres off the west coast of mainland Africa.

This news follows the award by Cabo Verde’s Multisectorial Regulatory Agency of the Economy (ARME) of commercial 4G LTE mobile licences to incumbent operators CVMovel and Unitel T+.

The 4G license came after three months of network tests that began in June on the island of Sal, the fifth most populous island in Cape Verde. The regulator seems happy with the results and has indicated that operators can start making commercial 4G services accessible.

However, the government is looking ahead to 5G as well. ARME’s chairman Isaias Barreto has declared that Cabo Verde will start a 5G technology ‘pilot experiment’. The test will be carried out in collaboration with Huawei.

Regardless of the challenges of introducing 5G (and for that matter 4G) to the country’s 10 islands, the Deputy Prime Minister Olavo Correia has highlighted that Cabo Verde wants to be among the first countries in Africa to introduce 5G technology.

Source: All Africa