In brief

4 October 2019


ND SATCOM, the premier supplier of and integrator for innovative satellite communication systems and solutions, announced today the acquisition of TECNA located in Dakar, Senegal. This important strategic move will further enhance outreach and interaction between the company and its customers, partners and the leading communication companies in the West Africa region. TECNA Suarl has been renamed ND SatCom SENEGAL.


Mobile infrastructure provider World Telecom Labs has announced that it has added a self-contained communication centre to its Vivada (Village Voice and Data) system. The centre houses all the equipment needed to provide voice and data services for a village, including computers and IP phones that can be used by residents. The entry-level price of USD 1,450 per village is designed to enable commercially sustainable networks to be deployed in thousands of communities in rural and semi-urban areas in Africa.