Madagascar: Telma opposed to liberalisation of fibre-optic market

4 October 2019


Telecom Malagasy (Telma) CEO Patric Pisal Hamida has described government efforts to reduce prices by liberalising the country’s fibre-optic broadband market as a ‘false good idea’, reports Agence Ecofin. His comments follow a decree issued in May 2019 amending and supplementing certain provisions of Decree No. 2014-1652 of 21 October 2014, thereby permitting licensed operators to construct, install and deploy new fibre-optic infrastructure. Rather than duplicating existing resources, a more economically viable alternative would be to explore infrastructure sharing, argued the executive, adding: ‘We are in a dominant position now, but it’s because we invested while the others did nothing.’ Mr Hamida instead advocated a reduction in the excise duty and promised to reduce prices by 50% if the government were to cut the duty by 5%.
Source: Agence Ecofin