4 October 2019


Web4Africa adds over 200 new domain extensions to its offering

Web4Africa, a leading ICANN Accredited Domain Name Registrar in Africa, has added over 200 new domain extensions to its offering.

The addition brings much more choices to those setting up a new web site or protecting their brand name for existing ones. It would make it easier for startups, companies, non-profits, organizations and other entities to establish their online identity.

The addition brings the options offered by web4africa.com to over 320, covering over a dozen major categories. The diverse options mean there is an available domain extension that covers every industry or lifestyle.

The new options that include .live, .ltd, .life, .world, .rocks, .today, .email, .solutions, .agency, .services, .company, .group, .news, .business and .guru, cut across the following categories:



   Fun & Entertainment


   Food & Beverage


   Home & Construction


   Marketing & Communications

   News & Information


   Political & Military

   Real Estate

   Shopping & Retail

   Sports & Fitness

   Style & Fashion


   Travel & Geography Domains.

Country-code top-level domain extensions (ccTLDs) like .ng for Nigeria, .za for South Africa, .na for Namibia, .uk for the United Kingdom, .ug for Uganda are also available from Web4Africa.

Entities that wish to target African countries can also make use of the .africa domain extension which was launched in 2017. It makes it easy to target more than one African country where the target audience or market is based in the world’s 2nd largest continent.

Established in 2002, Web4Africa also offers a range of Web Hosting solutions, Virtual Servers and Dedicated Servers from data centres across Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

Source: Disrupt Africa


FNB distributes R17 million in grants to black-owned SMEs

As part of its ongoing bid to support local SMEs, FNB has announced that it recently distributed R17 million in grant funding to black-owned businesses.

The grants were awarded to early stage social enterprises focusing on education and small-scale farming. The goal of the funding is to catalyse the development of new ideas and facilitate wealth creation. As relates to farming, FNB hopes these grants will improve access to land and asset ownership.

“We understand that simple grant making is neither scalable, nor sustainable in the long term, but we believe it could have a place in the broader funding continuum. Supporting promising businesses at an early stage catalyses their development, allowing them to reach the point at which they can access more traditional financing mechanisms faster,” explains head of SME development at FNB Business, Heather Lowe.

The financial institution says it took great care in selecting the businesses it would award grants to. FNB assessed the strength and sustainability of the business models, its ability to generate scalable social impact and whether the business could grow its reach with the help of the grant.

FNB will evaluate how the grants were utilised by monitoring the various organisations. Education-based SMEs will be monitored for two years while

“If we don’t grow entrepreneurs in our country, then as a financial institution we won’t have sustainable businesses to fund. A key focus of our strategy centres around providing meaningful support to SMEs as productive drivers of inclusive economic growth and development in South Africa. The intention is to learn from this pilot project in a way that will allow us to go to market and raise a much more scalable pool of funding in the future,” concludes Lowe.