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Tunis October 14, 2006 A private TV channel dubbed "Nessma TV" (Breeze TV) will start airing its programs from abroad at the end of 2006, it was announced this week in Tunis.

The new channel, which aims at promoting Maghrebi music and culture, will also broadcast a variety of entertainment programs including a Magherbi edition of the highly popular "Star Academy " program,. Similarly toFrench and Lebanese editions, this program has been prepared in partnership with 'Endemol', an international group specializing in leisure TV programming.

Nabil Karoui, one of the co-founders and managers of the media group "Karoui & Karoui World", also announced that the channel which targets primarily a Maghrebi audience, will be broadcast on both Arabsat and Nile TV. The channel he said, will be broadcast from Paris but all its production and post production will take place in Tunis.

He also said that it is the first time that a channel destined to Maghrebi audiences, will use French as its main language but also the various Maghrebi dialects. " Nessma TV, he added, aims at offering a new and original perspective on all the aspects of an authentic and yet resolutely modern Maghreb in the fields of music, as well as in sports and the economy".

14 candidates have been chosen to take part in the new "Star Academy Maghreb I" programs, after a casting organized in Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, and in France. For three months and a half they will hone their singing and dancing skills in a specially designed mansion near Rades in the southern suburbs of Tunis. The castle which was recently equipped with 64 cameras, will also house an important technical team. All in all, a staff of 850 people have been recruited for the event, and many young Tunisian recruits will be trained in TV and production jobs.

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