Ghana: Public Electricity Firm, EGC, To Deploy Fibre

11 October 2019


The Public energy company, Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), has announced that it intends to venture into telecommunications and internet service provision.

ECG’s Managing Director Samuel Boakye-Appiah said that the company would use its network to install fibre in collaboration with telcos and that its infrastructure would be used to offer data and internet services.

To start the process, the company will conduct the feasibility of reusing its power infrastructure assets to ultimately run its telecommunication business. After that, ECG intends to develop a blueprint for the initiative.

Boakye-Appiah confirmed that the move is in line with the Ghanaian ’s government’s digitalisation agenda.

Various industry experts have argued, however, that allowing electricity companies to offer internet services may create new challenges for Africa’s regulators who don’t have policies to regulate the players in the sector.

In many countries throughout Africa, electricity availability in rural areas is much lower than mobile connectivity.

Anna Lerner, the Energy and ICT Specialist at World Bank, said that priority might be given to urban centres with better coverage than to rural areas with limited electricity infrastructure.

According to reports by Ghana’s National Communications Authority (NCA), at the end 2018, the total number of 2G and 3G mobile data subscriptions in Ghana was 26,184,235 with a high penetration rate of 88.84%.

Source: IT Web Africa