Huduma Kenya aims to digitise 5000 govt services

11 October 2019


Martin Mirero from Kenya is a man on a mission. As director of ICT for the government's flagship e-services initiative, launched in November 2013, Mirero wants to build on the programme's momentum and increase the number of current services provided from 100 to a potential 5000.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Public Sector ICT Forum hosted this week in Houghton Johannesburg, Mirero said when it comes to government services, citizens demand a more expedient, more cost effective service with quicker turn-around time.

Services are provided via Huduma's network of 52 walk-in centres across 47 counties. The concept is based on a 'one-stop-shop' banking hall model involving the services of up to 40 government agencies.

Representatives of these government agencies work alongside Huduma customer service agents at the centres to process high-demand services linked to life events – from insurance, passport applications, business permits right through to marriage certificates and everything in-between.

People arrive at the centre and are issued with a time-stamped ticket via a queue management system (which Mirero said is tantamount to 'a contract with the government' that they will be served) – and then wait for their number to be announced before being directed to a workstation to be served by an and liaise with the relevant member of staff.

"...typically five minutes on average and then there's feedback – that is a very key component. Not many service providers allow real-time feedback. The glue that ties that together is the VMWare platform... that is our foundation. Everything runs off this, internally we call it a private cloud ... so this CRM allows us to track the citizen at every service channel, if they call the contact centre, if they started something on mobile, or if they walked in, we know about them. We can track the history of interaction with government," Mirero continued. Read the full article on ITWEb here.