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The Director of Broadcasting Services Bapasi Mphusu last week Thursday signed contracts worth over P5 million with two local film companies for the production of four television programmes.

According to a press release from broadcasting services, the programmes are for the long awaited second cycle commissioning of local programmes.

The two companies Aimcorp and Interface, were awarded tenders for the production of the four programmes by the Public Procurement and Assert Disposal Board (PPADB.

Basadibotlhe Lethola signed for Aimcorp, which won the tender to produce two programmes namely, a 26-episode half-hour Family magazine show that will cost P1 689 015.00. and a 26-episode 15-minute travel magazine show at the cost of P974 050.00.

Siraj Kala signed for interface, which won a tender to produce two programmes namely, a 26-episode half hour youth quiz show which will cost P1 147 479.30 and a 26-episode half-hour children magazine show for P1 688 434.00 The two companies are expected to start production following the signing of contracts and the programmes are expected to be aired by September this year.