Lagos — Google has launched a new Traffic tab in Google Maps in Lagos.

8 November 2019

Digital Content

The Traffic tab provides bus riders with information to help them find their most efficient route, both in travel time and transport costs.

Until now, Google Maps users have only been able to access information for other forms of transportation including cars, two-wheelers, BRT and ride hailing.

The Traffic tab however, includes a new directions experience, which features suggested routes which may combine walking, taking a keke (marwa) or okada, danfo or BRT; information about the estimated fare range; expected travel time while pictures of the stops along the route are now available to aid travellers on their trips around Lagos.

According to Senior Product Manager, Google Maps, Jeff Albertson, clicking on the pictures will allow users to get a 360 degree view on 'Street View' to help them better understand their location.

"What we have built for Lagos is a global first for Google Maps, and a step towards helping people in many other cities where transport can be informally organized as it is in Nigeria.

We co-designed this product with people in Lagos. It was an engaging process to start from scratch, bring diverse teams of Googlers to Lagos, interview Lagosians and local guides, understand local needs, and then design something that weaves together all the many ways that people here move around," he said.

The launch of the new Traffic tab, he said, followed the introduction of a dedicated travel mode in Google Maps in July, to provide directions and navigation for motorcycles in Nigeria.

"Google also launched navigation guidance in a Nigerian voice for both motorcycle and car driving modes at the same time," he said.

"Google recently published more panoramic imagery on Street View, to help make it easier to visually explore places in Nigeria, including imagery of Abuja, Benin City, Enugu and Ibadan with almost 12,000 kilometers of roads added.

"Nigeria is important to us and beyond providing tools to help Nigerians use Maps, we also want to continue to bring more of Nigeria to the map," Jeff assured.

Source: Daily Trust