Officials of a computer training centre have cautioned inhabitants to use its services for academic and research purposes, not illegal adventures.

The inhabitants of Nsimeyong neighbourhood in Yaounde have heaved a sigh of relief. A bilingual computer centre, Cameroon Bilingual Centre for Information Technology and Consultancy (Citec) now provides IT literacy and awareness to the population.

But officials of the institute are currently carrying out mass education exercises with the population as regards the programmes and pictures available in various websites. The director of the institute, Professor Martin Amin says the Cameroon experience, especially among youths, is a sad one. "Many Internet users spend their time watching pornographic pictures and other immoral activitions on the net, rather than learning and carrying out useful research," he said, adding that the cyber café unit of the structure will be seriously monitored to check such unholy activities.

According to Pr. Amin, his centre which will effectively go operational on February 12th 2007, aims to alleviate poverty, especially among young people, as well as foster development within its areas of operation. The centre will also contribute towards income generation through self-employment, drill teachers and educators on new information and communication technolgy, counsel and orientate children of school age on IT assisted operations and offer useful knowledge to candidates sitting in for public examinations.

The institute operates five main ICT domains. These include international career certification, Citec certificates and diplomas, accelerated and tailored courses, seminars, workshops and conferences, alongside consultancy.

Professor Amin said the institute will offer vital courses such as network engineering, systems administration, database management, programming and web development and maintenance and computer assembly. Such courses are available for holders of at least an "A" level certificate. Other courses requiring "O" levels include international computer driving licence, Microsoft office specialist and the City and Guilds certificate.

The centre will also useful to professionals who intend to build, update or enhance their professional skills in IT and others who desire tailored courses for specific needs. That apart, institute will regularly orgainse seminars, workshops and conferences for workers and specialists on various current topics in different fields.

The institute spares the inhabitants of Nsimeyong and students of Collège Vogt the pains of going to the Yaounde university students' residential area, Bonamoussadi, for Internet services.

Cameroon Tribune