Neneh Macdouall-Gaye, Secretary of State for Communication, Information and Technology, on Monday, formally launched the multi-utility internet café of Next door Internet Communication and Energy service Café (NICE) Gambia Ltd, at the CCF Skill Centre in Brikama Jamisa, Western Region.

SoS Macdouall-Gaye added that the drive of NICE Gambia to offer rural Gambian communities with internet services, IT training, television service, among other things, will contribute to the building of an inclusive information society, particularly in implementing the National Information and Communication Policy.

"At the same time, NICE is poised to offer banking and micro-finance services, along with the provision of other basic service all under one roof within this magnificent complex which the people of Brikama (I am sure) will cherish", she added.

The ICT Secretary of State Macdouall-Gaye then urged the people of Brikama to make full use of the facilities and services provided in order to empower themselves to contribute more to national development. According to her, the initiative compliments Vision 2020 and the Poverty Reduction Strategy, in uplifting the living standards of Gambians.

"It is for this reason that the Government of the Gambia supports the establishment of NICE Gambia Ltd as a private sector partner to complement Government's efforts to implement the vision of His Excellency the President, since the government alone cannot do it all," she noted.

Omar Njie, Managing Director of NICE Gambia Ltd, said NICE is a concept derived from "two big energy" companies called Econcern and Essent in Holland. Mr Njie said these companies formed the Energy4all Foundation, through which they wish to fulfil their corporate social responsibility and step foot into Africa.

He disclosed that NICE plans to establish 20 more cafes in the country this year, before moving to another African country to test the concept. "Our target is to spread over 75 NICE cafes throughout The Gambia," he said.

The Daily Observer