South Africa: Icasa attracts over 40 submissions in mobile spectrum consultation

7 February 2020


The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa said it has received over 40 written representations from a broad range of stakeholders on its proposal for issuing new spectrum licences. The next milestone in the licensing process is scheduled for the first quarter of the 2020/21 financial year starting in April, when the authority will outline in detail the process that will ensue and the likely date for assignment of the spectrum.


Icasa said it will thoroughly consider all the comments prior to embarking on the next steps of the licensing process. The regulator said it is also engaging with the recommendations proposed by the Competition Commission in its final report on the data services market, issued in December 2019, insofar as the said recommendations pertain to the assignment of high-demand spectrum.

The spectrum plans will be considered in conjunction with other regulatory processes, such as the Mobile Broadband Services Market inquiry and the process for issuing licences for the Wireless Open Access Network. This approach will be in the spirit of ensuring consistency and certainty in regulatory outcomes, Icasa said.

Source: Telecompaper