Let Drones Fly – World Bank’s Benedict Eijbergen

7 February 2020

Digital Content

The World Bank (WB) Group has asked Africans to open and be flexible with drone regulations to allow drone flying for multiple purposes that can change the state of business on the continent.


Benedict LJ Eijbergen, the Bank’s Transport and ICT Practice Manager Southern Africa, said that though some countries like Rwanda have drone policies, they need to set up regulations that don’t limit the small and big companies from operating.


“The main message here is that you can do drones in a safe manner. You can encourage small business to fly drones with incentives to show them that it can happen, if you encourage them,” Eijbergen said.


Eijbergen made the remarks at the inauguration of the Lake Kivu Drone Challenge (LKC) which kicked off on the shores in Lake Kivu in Kibuye town with a demo of drone power.


The Kivu drone demo flying challenge is an African Drone Forum (ADF) activity which previously happened on Lake Victoria in Tanzania in 2019 which was dominated by foreign drone companies.

Germandrones Songbird V3


The global drone business is currently estimated to be potentially worth $127billion and projected to grow more as the next generation of business that could actually replace some humans.


The 2020 Kivu demo event this Monday, was a chance for other countries with giant drone wings from USA, Germany, Korea, and Netherlands to show to Africa, current drone safety, endurance and performance technology. Read the full article on KTPress here.