Standard Bank launches DigiMe to give customers more security on the app

21 February 2020

Money Transfer

Standard Bank has launched DigiMe as an innovative solution designed to empower customers with control over their app banking activities.

The innovative solution makes use of the latest biometric and facial recognition software, combined with multi-factor authentication to create a safe and secure banking experience on a mobile device.

DigiMe recognises the critical need to keep digital services secure, with the strengthened authentication process available on the mobile app. DigiMe is designed to further protect digital profiles by utilising a picture of an identity document, a selfie, fingerprint or unique Appcode.

Strong authentication is the improved method of authenticating Standard Bank customers by using two or more factors to authenticate the identity of an individual. This is achieved by using a combination of a pin, a fingerprint or facial biometric and a smart device or a bank card.   Read the full article on IoL here